03 April 2009

ADHD Defense Successful After Boy Sets Girl's Hair on Fire

What do you think of this?

English magistrates determined that a 16-year-old boy was "not guilty" for setting a 12-year old girl's hair on fire in December 2008. It occurred near a Burger King in Cheltenham.

Here are both sides of the argument:

The victim says he "did it deliberately" and threatened to do it again. Her hair did not go up in flames but it did "smoulder" and "smoke."

The boy says he found the lighter and was playing around with it, flicking it near the girl but never intended to actually set her hair on fire or do any other kind of harm. A witness says they were all just having some fun and thinks a stray hair must have caught fire. The boy's solicitor, Ros Jackson, argued that the boy did not have "intent" nor was he in a "reckless state of mind." He also said that the boy suffers from ADHD and did not take his medication on the day of the incident. The boy said in court that he "just does things without thinking about it."

Justices deliberated for about an hour, finding that the boy was not behaving in a reckless manner and ruled in his favor.

I am putting my opinion in the comments section rather than here. Would you like you add your own opinion?


Liz said...

1. I would never let my 12-year old daughter hang out with teenaged boys! So inappropriate!
2. The boy is old enough to know that playing with fire , matches, and lighters is dangerous and stupid. Putting it near someone or something is even more stupid. Completely reckless.
3. Maybe he didn't intend the outcome but he should be accountable for the "accident" that occured. Find him guilty but give him a sentence that fits the situation. As far as I know, people are accoutable for their accidents, too!
4. I fear that now the boy can get away with being an irresponsible, reckless idiot now that he knows the "I forgot to take my medication" defense works.
5. God save us all when he starts driving. CRASH- I'm sorry. It's not my fault. It forgot my medication.
6. If the court is going to blame the lack of medication for what could have been a fatal outcome, they should order the mother to make sure he swallows his pills every morning.

I'm feeling better now. Sorry if I insulted anyone!

Doson said...

This is dangerous..

In my opinion he's a smoker.
He should quit smoking.

Shane Shirley said...

Wow. Yea sometimes since I suffer from depression I just lay in bed all day long and don't take care of my little ones.

GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!

PS Of course I do not do that. I get off of my butt and do what I have to b/c I was never allowed to get away with giving excuses. I am sick of excuses.

Lori Kloc RN, BSN said...

Excellent article and comments. We must be very careful when using ADHD as a defense for behavior that is dangerous and inappropriate.
Lori Kloc RN BSN