06 December 2008


The Feingold Diet is not a cure-all or stand-alone answer but it can help, perhaps combined with testing for food allergies, arranging a success-oriented environment and /or ADHD medications.

It's the artificial ingredients and chemicals that you should avoid. Here is a list of items to avoid in your food, medicine, toothpaste and drinks.

The Feingold Program eliminates these additives:
Artificial (synthetic) coloring
Artificial (synthetic) flavoring
Aspartame (Nutrasweet, an artificial sweetener)
Artificial (synthetic) preservatives BHA, BHT, TBHQ

A word about sugar:
Sugar is not necessarily to be omitted from your diet. Cane sugar is the best type tolerated by children. Most people also handle beet sugar pretty well. If you see a sugar that doesn't say what kind it is, assume it is beet sugar. Some folks don't handle corn syrup very well because it contains high levels of sulfite (an additive used in production). It's hard to go without sugar if you like to eat desserts, so try cane sugar as your first "add back in" item after a month of cleansing. If it causes a problem, detox a month and then try beet sugar.

For cooking for the family at home, it's easiest to put everyone on the diet. (unless you don't mind being a waitress and taking multiple orders). This also keeps the the ADHD person from feeling different or ostracized.

Start out the Feingold diet by elimating everything on the no-no list completely for a month or two. It's a back-to-basics way of eating. Buy fresh or frozen fruits and veggies. Cook your own unprocessed meats. If possible, stay this way for life - it's healthier for you anyway. If you feel the need to eat something that you've been avoiding, try it (and nothing else from the list) after the detox period for one month and see if there's any change.

Post a list in your kitchen of what fruits, veggies and meats the family likes. You can slowly add to the list any avoided items after a successful 1 month trial. Use this list as your shopping list and meal planner.

Good Luck!


Martha said...

I thought it would be helpful to point out that many times, the harmful additives are not listed onthe ingredient list. This is why it is so helpful to join the Feingold Association. They carefully research which foods are truly clean of the harmeful additives, then publish that information in a Shopping Guide made avaialbe to all members. When I stick to my shopping guide, my children are reaction free. But even little slip-ups can send them into orbit. That's why I love the Feingold Associaiton. :-)

Liz said...

Thanks for your imput!