28 November 2008


This is my daughter's 1st year of school while on Adderall. She's in 6th grade. We invested as many hours as the past on homework and studying for tests. But the outcome is much improved!

A in Math...(got C's last year. She knew how to do everything, just careless errors and not reading instructions) Thank you, Mr. Matthews!

A in Science... (same as math last year). Thank you, Mrs. Lodanosky!

B in Social Studies/History....(got D's last year. So much info to remember, hard to get it into her brain. Also confused facts, people and places). Thank you, Mrs. Sailer!

"3" in Language Arts (3 is "proficient", 4 is "advanced")...(got 1's last year with teacher adding negative comments. Had difficulty meeting deadlines, sometimes refused to write) Thank you, Mrs. Lodanosky!

My Daughter's Reward -

Slumber party and trip out for ice cream (3 friends)
Daddy got her a new game for her Nintendo DS
Mommy did an embarrassing Happy Dance



Anonymous said...

I know that dance! Mine was provoked by ADHD meds too!

Liz said...

Penny- sorry for the late follow up. Next time we meet up, let's start a conga line! LOL!!!