31 October 2008


It's almost the end of the first marking period and my daughter is doing great. Her average score in each subject dances around 90%. But it's still alot of hard work. We're just getting better scores than last year for the same amount of work.

For Social Studies my daughter and I review a few pages every night - vocab words, names of people and places, who did what etc. I also have her practice writing out words that might be used in the answers for an upcoming test's essay questions. This all adds probably an extra half hour each night to the homework but it's worth it.

My daughter started taking Adderall in September. She got an EKG and ECG before taking the meds to rule out unknown heart problems. She's so much better able to do one-on-one studying with me during homework without being distracted by the cat walking by or random thought popping into her head. She's reading test questions much better, following directions better, and making fewer "dumb mistakes" or BF's on tests.

The way 6th grade is set up is also a big improvement over how things were done last year. This year the 6th grade teachers share teaching subjects to all of the 6th grade children. Getting up after each subject and changing rooms is great for the ADHD kids. Another thing that is great is that homework for one subject only is written down at the end of it. Just one sentence or phrase to write. This is so much better than asking the children to write down 5 things at the end of the day when they are hurrying to pack their backpacks and listening for their bus numbers to be called.

I am a happy mom. My daughter's self-esteem is improving and I see her blossoming.


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Liggy said...

I wish my son's middle school did that. He's in 7th grade now but everything's been going downhill for us. We're currently trying to get him an IEP but the school seems to be skirting the issue even with getting just a 504 plan implemented. The teachers are complaining that their classes are already too large - which they are, but they've also got a lot of unruly students.