03 February 2009

The Positive Characteristics of ADD / ADHD

People with ADD / ADHD also have many positive traits that are directly tied to their active, impulsive minds:

Creativity – People with ADD excel at thinking outside of the box, brainstorming, and finding creative solutions to problems. Because of their flexible way of thinking about things, they tend to be more open-minded, independent, and ready to improvise.
Enthusiasm and spontaneity – People with ADD are free spirits with lively minds—qualities that makes for good company and engrossing conversation. Their enthusiasm and spontaneous approach to life can be infectious.

A quick mind - People with ADD have the ability to think on their feet, quickly absorb new information (as long as it’s interesting), and multitask with ease. Their rapid-fire minds thrive on stimulation. They adapt well to change and are great in a crisis.

High energy level – People with ADD have loads of energy. When their attention is captured by something that interests them, they can have virtually unlimited stamina and drive.

Hyperfocus - individuals often are able to “hyperfocus” for long periods of time on tasks or projects that they find interesting. This is particularly true of interactive or hands-on activities. They may even be compulsive about it, spending hours immersed in the activity without a thought to anything or anyone else. This single-minded ability to hyperfocus can lead to significant accomplishments, discoveries, and creative breakthroughs. Swimming is Olympic medalist Michael Phelp's hyperfocus!
You might find this link inspiring: Famous People with ADHD.

For a list of over 100 positive characteristics (print it out and post it on the wall) click HERE.



Anonymous said...

Fantastic post! I love the positive perspective. I have read a lot since my son (6yo) was diagnosed 11/08 and I read a reccuring theme that once you address the unwanted ADHD behaviors, it reveals all the wonderful strengths and talents. These things are being revealed for my son and it's wonderful t watch.

Liz said...

Penny- thanks for visiting and postive comment. It's encouraging. Good luck to you and your son. I'm glad your son was diagnosed early and is getting help right away.

Anonymous said...

I`m 43 and I`m ADHD ... loved reading all the positive things

My son (15 years) liked it too

elizabeth_ said...

Thats so funny that the article calls it "hyperfocus" too...I've been referring to it this way for the past 2ish years or so...I never heard anyone else call it that but its exactly what it is!