14 March 2009

Recommended ADHD Books for Teachers

The following list of books is for teachers and includes links to Amazon.

ADD and the College Student : A Guide for High School and College Students With Attention Deficit Disorder Patricia O. Quinn (Editor)

ADHD in the Schools : Assessment and Intervention Strategies (Guilford School Practitioner Series) George J. Dupaul, Gary Stoner (Contributor)

All About ADHD : The Complete Practical Guide for Classroom Teachers (Teaching Strategies) Linda Pfiffner

Attention Deficit Disorder : Helpful, Practical Information : A Guide for Parents & Educators (Guides for Parents and Educators Series) Elaine K. McEwan

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (In Adults and Children) : The Latest Assessment and Treatment Strategies Juliet L. Jett, Ph. D.

Attention Deficits, Learning Disabilities, and Ritalin : A Practical Guide Robert B. Johnston

Attention Without Tension : A Teacher's Handbook on Attention Deficit Disorders Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in the Classroom : A Practical Guide for Teachers Carol A. Dowdy and others

Diagnosing Learning Disorders : A Neuropsychological Framework Bruce F., Ph.D. Pennington

How to Reach and Teach ADD/ADHD Children : Practical Techniques, Strategies, and Interventions Sandra F. Rief

Learning Disabilities Sourcebook : Basic Information About Disorders Such As Dyslexia, Visual and Auditory Processing Deficits, Attention Deficit Linda M. Shin & Linda M. Ross (Editors)

Performance Breakthroughs for Adolescents With Learning Disabilities or ADD : How to Help Students Succeed in the Regular Education Classroom Geraldine Markel, Judith Greenbaum /

Peterson's Colleges With Programs for Students With Learning Disabilities or Attention Deficit Disorders (5th Ed) Charles T. Mangrum, Stephen S. Strichart (Contributor)

Succeeding in College With Attention Deficit Disorders : Issues and Strategies for Students, Counselors and Educators Jennifer S. Bramer, Phd

Teaching Study Skills and Strategies to Students With Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorders, or Special Needs Stephen S. Strichart and others

Teaching the Tiger : A Handbook for Individuals Involved in the Education of Students With Attention Deficit Disorders, Tourette Syndrome or OCD Marilyn P. Dornbush, Ph.D., Sheryl K.Pruitt

The A.D.D. Hyperactivity Workbook for Parents, Teachers, and Kids Harvey C. Parker and others

The ADD Hyperactivity Handbook for Schools : Effective Strategies for Identifying and Teaching Add Students in Elementary and Secondary Schools Harvey C. Parker

The Hyperactive Child Book : Treating, Educating, and Living With an Adhd Child - Strategies That Really Work, from an Award-Winning Team of Experts Patricia Kennedy and others

Windows into the A.D.D. Mind : Understanding and Treating Attention Deficit Disorders in the Everyday Lives of Children, Adolescents and Adults Daniel G. Amen, MD.

Click HERE for a listing of books recommended for parents.

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